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Index Banded Annual Totals for Swansea:
98 days
88 days
2 days
13 days

Cwm Level Park Ozone and NOx monitoring station

Cwm Level Park Ozone and NOx monitoring station
Running Annual Total for Cwm Level Park Ozone and NOx:

167 days
33 days
0 days
1 day


Cwm Level Park Ozone and NOx box,
30m Meteorological Mast Enclosure
Cwm Level Road,
SA1 2NU.


Longitude / Latitude: Easting 265914 Northing 195896

Site Description

Cwm Level Park is being used as a monitoring location to provide an Urban Background (U4) measurement site. By definition, there are no major sources close to the station that will directly affect measurements. The nearest road (Cwm Level Road) is 75m away with an AADT of 13,824 vehicles. Ffordd Cwm Tawe is 250m away with an AADT of 27,360 vehicles. The main Swansea-London railway/viaduct is 225m away with the Landore Diesel Sheds (servicing centre for Inter City 125 and other locomotives) 680m away.

The site is located within the park itself and is within the compound that houses a 30m meteorological mast. The site is to the southern edge of Cwm Level Park and is bounded by grassland that forms football and cricket pitches. There are some light industrial units to the east of the site but no major emissions emanate from these premises. The nearest dwellings are approximately 120m away to the north east and south of the monitoring location. Domestic gas fired heating influences will therefore be minimal.

Air Quality parameters measured

  • NOx
  • NO
  • NO2
  • O3
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