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Index Banded Annual Totals for Swansea:
98 days
88 days
2 days
13 days

Swansea AURN monitoring station

Swansea AURN monitoring station
Running Annual Total for Swansea AURN:

176 days
11 days
2 days
12 days


Swansea AURN
Carmarthen Road
Waun Wen


OS Grid Reference: OS reference: Easting 265322 - Northing 194447
Longitude / Latitude: Latitude: 51 37' 22

Site Description

The Swansea AURN (Automatic Urban and Rural Network) has been affiliated into the UK National Network since 1994 and has been operational ever since. The site was relocated from Castle Gardens in 1995 to Princess Way in the city centre. This site has itself now been decommissioned during August 2006 and relocated to its present location along the A483 Carmarthen road due to redelopment works within the city centre. The site now has a classification of Roadside. The site picture shows a view of the Swansea AURN looking north towards Cwm Level roundabout. The main city centre shopping area is located approximately a mile and a half to the south this location.

This station is subject to full network QA/QC procedure's undertaken by AEA Energy and Environment on behalf of the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). This authority also has a service and maintenance contract with Enviro Technology Services Plc - the equipment suppliers, to carry out 6 monthly service and maintenance visits to the site.

The analysers have been configured so that a daily automatic calibration is carried out (between 00:30 hours and 01:00 hours). This calibration data is automatically logged as invalid by the data-logger. In addition officers from this authority perform routine fortnightly manual calibrations. The analysers are subjected to scrubbed air via a zero air generator to assess their response. The analysers are also subjected to traceable calibration gases at a known concentration and the response of the analyser and data-logger is recorded. All manual calibration data is recorded as invalid data by the data-logger and is removed from any subsequent analysis and data upload to these pages.

The calibration data is then forwarded to Bureau Veritas and AEA Energy and Environment to perform data management and data verification / ratification procedures

All gas data is logged and stored within each individual analyser and has an integration period of 15 minues. The particulate data is stored at an integration period of 1 hour within the Thermo FDMS PM10 and PM2.5 units . All data is collected via remote telemetry every hour and uploaded to these web pages.

Air Quality parameters measured

  • NOx
  • NO
  • NO2
  • PM10
  • PM2.5
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