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Index Banded Annual Totals for Swansea:
98 days
88 days
2 days
13 days

Hafod OPSIS DOAS monitoring station

Hafod OPSIS DOAS monitoring station
Running Annual Total for Hafod OPSIS DOAS:

182 days
19 days
0 days
0 days


OS Reference: Easting 265931 Northing: 194460
Latitude: 51 37' 95" N Longitude: 03 56' 24" W

OS Reference: Easting 265992 Northing 194702
Latitude: 51 38' 09" N Longitude: 03 56' 18" W


Site Description

The Hafod DOAS (Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy) monitoring station has been operational since the 8th January 2004. It has been sited within a congested section of Neath Road primarily to enable an assessment of the pollutants benzene and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) to be made. The Hafod DOAS will be used to validate any future computer modelling of traffic related pollution.

Measurements are undertaken utilising Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) along an open path of 250m within the section of Neath Road from its junction with Maliphant Street up to a point near the junction with Bowen Street. A xenon lamp is shone from the transmitter which is located on the front wall of a property on Maliphant Street/Neath Road, with the receiver being located at a commercial premises 250 metres away. The receiver focuses and transmits the light via fibre optic cable into a spectra analyser.

Data is stored with an integration period of 5 minutes and is transferred via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to a central data server. Data uploaded to these web pages has an integration period of 15 minutes

Meteorological parameters are recorded opposite the transmitter site - horizontal and vertical wind speed with wind direction at 3 m height, ambient air temperature and barometric pressure. At roof ridge level (approx. 10m) wind speed and wind direction and global radiation (sunlight).

Air Quality parameters measured

  • NO
  • O3
  • NO2
  • Benzene
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