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30m Mast - Cwm Level Park monitoring station

30m Mast  - Cwm Level Park monitoring station
Running Annual Total for 30m Mast - Cwm Level Park:

There are currently no running annual totals for this station


Cwm Level Park
Cwm Level Road


OS Grid Reference: Easting 265915 Northing 195890

Site Description

From previous research undertaken into pollution levels within the Swansea conurbation, one of the major influences on ambient air quality is weather conditions. This effect is further enhanced by the topography of the lower Swansea valley. There is a need therefore, for high quality local meteorological data from the urban area under study to increase the understanding of the complex wind variations due to topography and land/sea effects.

The mast is located within the Hafod Air Quality Management area and is approximately 30m above seal level with the bottom of the valley floor being approximately 10m above sea level.

This 30m mast will allow data to be gathered with an integration period of 1 minute measuring temperature and wind profiles in the lowest atmospheric layer in the valley. All data will be utilised by various air quality models including Nowcaster which is primarily a street canyon air quality model computing pollution loadings on each individual road link.

Meteorological parameters measured

  • Wind Speed at 3Om
  • Wind Direction at 30m
  • Wind Speed at 1Om
  • Wind Direction at 10m
  • 22-8m Differential Temperature
  • 8-2m Differential Temperature
  • 2m Absolute Temperature
  • 2m Relative Humidity
  • Global Radiation at 30m
  • Rainfall
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