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98 days
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OPSIS Guildhall Meteorological Station monitoring station

OPSIS Guildhall Meteorological Station monitoring station
Running Annual Total for OPSIS Guildhall Meteorological Station:

There are currently no running annual totals for this station


Roof of Pollution Control Division
The Guildhall


OS Grid Reference: OS Reference: Easting 264326 - Northing 192412
Longitude / Latitude: Latitude: 51 36' 51

Site Description

The monitoring station has been established at roof level on the north side of the Guidhall. Data from a non-automatic reporting (1-hour integration) station dates back to 1st June 1996 with data from the automatic reporting station dating back to 1st August 2002. The data available on this site is a combination - non automatic data up to 1st August 2002 with the automatic collection by remote telemetry commencing on the 1st August 2002.

There is an open and uninterrupted fetch out over Swansea Bay towards Mumbles Head and the Irish Sea with no shielding of the prevailing south-westerly winds. The site is located within 200m of Swansea Bay foreshore. The residential areas of Brynmill and Uplands can be seen in the site photograph. Swansea City centre is to the east of the site location.

Data is now logged with an initial integration period of 1 minute. Data uploaded to these pages is presented with an integration period of 1-hour.

Meteorological parameters measured

  • Global Radiation
  • Global Reflected Radiation
  • Terrestial Radiation
  • Wind Direction
  • Wind Speed
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Air Temperature
  • UV-A
  • UV-B
  • Rainfall
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