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Morfa Groundhog monitoring station

Morfa Groundhog monitoring station
Running Annual Total for Morfa Groundhog:

There are currently no running annual totals for this station


Morfa Groundhog
Neath Road


OS Grid Reference: OS Reference: Easting 266037 - Northing 195405
Longitude / Latitude: Latitude: 51 38' 46

Site Description

The Morfa station has been operational since August 2000 and is located on a grass bank at the Normandy Road roundabout which acts as a major intersection to the road network in the lower Swansea Valley. The station is within the boundary of the Hafod AQMA. All equipment is housed within an air-conditioned unit and operates continuously. The equipment comprises of Advanced Pollution Instruments (API) real-time analysers measuring CO, SO2 and NOx, with a Thermo FDMS unit measuring PM10.

The analysers have been configured so that a daily automatic calibration is carried out (between 00:30 hours and 01:00 hours). This calibration data is automatically logged as invalid by the data-logger. In addition officers from this authority perform routine fortnightly manual calibrations. The analysers are subjected to scrubbed internal generated zero air to assess their response. The analysers are also subjected to traceable calibration gases at a known concentration and the response of the analyser and data-logger is recorded. All manual calibration data is recorded as invalid data by the data-logger and is removed from any subsequent analysis and data upload to these pages.

The station is operated and calibrated in accordance with the UK National Network Local Site Operators manual. Data is re-scaled according to the calibration factors obtained on a fortnightly basis. The station is serviced and maintained twice yearly by Enviro Technology Services Ltd.  The span gas calibration cylinders are replaced on a regular basis and are to a certified and traceable standard.

It is anticipated that traffic volumes will increase following the opening of the Liberty Stadium (home to Swansea City AFC and the Ospreys) and the Morfa retail park as well as the housing developments at the former Addis factory site, together with other Riverside Corridor housing proposals. The air quality at this location does not fully reflect the conditions experienced along parts of the congested Neath Road in the Hafod district ( see Hafod DOAS Monitoring Station)  as it is located in a more open aspect.

Air Quality parameters measured

  • NOx
  • NO
  • NO2
  • PM10

Meteorological parameters measured

  • Air Temperature